Fit ‘N Seal Active

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Fit ‘N Seal™ Stoppers and Straws-For endurance athletes

  • Convert standard beverage bottle to bite & flow Straw by sealing bottle mouth.
  • Our flagship product setting the standard for “Green” Convenience!
  • Each package comes with two universal sizes that will fit practically any plastic bottle!
  • 2 per package
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Fit 'N Seal™ Active - Plastic Straw Alternatives

Let’s face it, life is busy. We are a grab and go society but we also want functionality. Fit 'N Seal is perfect for that lifestyle and allows you to grab any bottle and either refill or grab a new drink, pop in the seal, and go! Just pop in our top, and it’s primed and ready. Forgot to bring water? Stop at any store and grab a beverage container or two. Our seal prevents leaks and spills and eliminates the need for a drawer full of sports bottles and lids. Save time and money. Refuse to look for lost lids and stop buying obsolete, landfill-loading, plastic sports bottles. It’s time to say ‘no’ to spills.

With all the plastic straw ban going on in the world, these reusable plastic straws are ideal. Concerned individuals from the general population are endeavoring to make plastic straws a relic of past times. Plastic straw bans have advanced into both nearby and national stages with a development that picked up footing a year ago. California representative Jerry Brown marked enactment planned for diminishing straw waste, while Seattle has prohibited every plastic utensil from organizations. Furthermore, this is why Plastic Straw Alternatives are crucial.

Starbucks will dispose of its straws by 2020, and Mcdonald's has eliminated plastic straws in their UK eateries, supplanting them with paper straws.

Plastic straws are awful for the planet since they "cannot be recycled because of their weight," and accordingly add to the 8,000,000 tons of plastic rubbish that stream each year into the world's seas, said Dr. Tony Walker, right-hand educator of ecological science at Dalhousie University in Canada, to USA TODAY.

3 reviews for Fit ‘N Seal Active

  1. Kristofer Haley

    My son loves these. I now have a set for the house and the car.

  2. Chas Metz

    Awesome for in the car and on the trail

  3. Gino Morgan

    Being a truck driver its important to keep control of my vehicle at all times. With the fit n seal I no longer have to hold the steering wheel with one hand and unscrew the cap off of what ever I’m drinking. I just fit n seal before I hit the road and have ready hydration with just a quick grab.

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