Universal fit for any bottle

About Us


Fit N Seal was created by a single father of three young boys who knew firsthand how urgent it was to seal a beverage container! From daily spills to a pantry full of mismatched cups, lids and straws, Joe Haldiman knew there had to be an easier way and without the increased plastic consumption. Fit 'N Seal was born out of this need and is a product that will fit any bottle on the market. This accessory line will become the standard universal seal and consumption bottle enhancement that everybody has a use for.

Benefits of Fit N Seal


  • Reuse of bottles
  • Universal fit means any bottle can be reused
  • Save money on expensive sports bottles and sippy cups
  • BPA-free and perfect for the environmentally-conscious
  • Reuse of bottles is the next big green idea
  • Time saver!