Fit ‘N Seal Clean – Pump Sprayer

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Fit ‘N Seal™ Stoppers – Pump Sprayer For the busy household and DYI garage

  • Converts any off-the-shelf bottle into a convenient Pump Sprayer with closed, spray, and stream settings.
  • Perfect spray bottle replacement for failed sprayers of commonly refilled cleaners.
  • Each package comes with two universal sizes that will fit practically any plastic bottle!
  • 2 per package
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Fit 'N Seal™ Clean - Pump Sprayer

  • Pick any Plastic bottle, fill it and turn it into a pump sprayer spray bottle.
  • Reuses plastic bottles, go green
  • Replaces existing spray bottles, DYI your own solutions, or buy in bulk
  • Fits into most beverage bottles and cleaner bottles
  • Don't risk buying the wrong spray trigger, this one fits all bottles

Spray bottles are excellent multi-purpose items to have around the house. Most importantly used for cleaning. Pump spray bottle caps make any old water or drink bottle into a cleaning device. First off, fill the bottle with whichever cleaning liquid you desire. Fit 'N Seal recommends Dr. Bronner's cleaning concentrate, which is organic and eco-friendly. Also, it lasts a very long time and saves you money. Secondly, you just apply the spray bottle cap to the top of the plastic bottle. Next, you spray and clean. It's that simple and cost-effective. Our mission is to save you money and the environment. Therefore, too many unnecessary cleaning bottles are wasted and cause an unhealthy environment. Because our planet is already damaged, let's all do our part in protecting it from getting worse. Above all, be a part of the go green society to better Earth.

1 review for Fit ‘N Seal Clean – Pump Sprayer

  1. Joe Haldiman

    Love the sprayer, any plastic bottle go ahead and buy your cleaners in bulk and fill up the plastic bottle and put the sprayer in and you’re all set to go. Sprayer works very well and seal seals very nice

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