Fit ‘N Seal Extreme

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Fit ‘N Seal™ Stoppers and Straws – Hydration Bladder for extreme and endurance athletes

  • Converts common beverage bottles into extended bite & flow Straw.
  • No more need to clean or buy expensive backpack-type hydration bladders!
  • Each package comes with two universal sizes that will fit practically any plastic bottle!
  • 2 per package
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Fit 'N Seal™ Extreme - Hydration Bladder

Converts all Plastic beverage bottles into a hydration bladder for your backpack. Save time, money, and hassle. End the dirty slimy hydration reservoir problem. Grab any beverage or water bottle off the shelf, install a Fit 'N Seal Extreme, throw it in your backpack and you’re off riding, running, hiking, or boarding With hands-free hydration. Fits all plastic beverage bottles including water, sports drinks, and juices. Hydrate yourself hands-free with any beverage and skip having to clean that reservoir system. Do you like to hydrate with juices or sports drinks but can’t put them in your water reservoir? Now you can hydrate the way you like with your favorite beverages. Features 40-inch Fit 'N Seal Pure 3/8” Drinking tube hose With bite valve and Two sizes of Fit 'N Seal So you can fit all plastic bottles on the go!
All Fit 'N Seal products are completely toxic-free of all chemicals and NF 61 drinking water safe!

2 reviews for Fit ‘N Seal Extreme

  1. Chas Metz

    These are awesome for hiking! No more need to buy overpriced hydration bladders, this fits into every bottle I’ve tried

  2. Lori Hoffman

    Genious! I love this product for hiking. So much easier to clean than your typical bladder.

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Fit N Seal™ Active

Fit N Seal™ Stoppers and Straws

  • Each package comes with two sizes that will fit practically any plastic bottle

  • Our flagship product setting the standard for “Green” Convenience

  • Universal fit for any bottle

  • Bite valve included for a spill-proof seal

  • Instantly makes any bottle child-friendly

  • Instantly seals any bottle with secured straw

  • 2 per package