Fit ‘N Seal Toddler

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Fit ‘N Seal™ Toddler-For the young, experienced toddler water bottle handler

  • Converts any “off the shelf” beverage into a convenient Sippy Top toddler water bottle.
  • No worrisome mess with liquid flow and a pleasing comfort fit.
  • Each package comes with two universal sizes that will fit practically any plastic bottle!
  • 2 per package
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Fit 'N Seal™ Toddler - Creating that perfect Toddler Water Bottle

Getting your toddler a drink out of the toddler water bottle is almost never convenient, but those kiddos get thirsty, and the best thing for all parties is hydration. We’ve come to every parent’s aid by restoring ease to a little corner of your life.

No need to pull over to refill a sippy cup. Just pop in our top, and it’s primed and ready. Forgot to bring water? Stop at any store and grab a beverage container or two. Our seal prevents leaks and spills and eliminates the need for a drawer full of sippy cups and lids.

Save time and money. Refuse to look for lost lids and stop buying obsolete, landfill-loading, plastic sippy cups. It’s time to say ‘no’ to spills.

Furthermore, joining the go green method really contributes to our planet's health. All of the plastic in the ocean is due to the lack of recycling. The overloaded landfills of plastic are because of limited space and resources. Be a part of an eco-friendly movement and above all, you'll save money.

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1 review for Fit ‘N Seal Toddler

  1. Autumn

    As a baby sitter these things are awesome! They’ve saved me a ton of time. I no longer have to clean up spills and search through mismatched sippy cups and lids

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