Bottle Caps

Fit N Seal is an entity which specializes in the business of providing reusable straws & bottle caps for plastic water bottles. We offer a wide range of bottle tops. Our bottle caps are universal fitting seals that can make the plastic bottles fit for reuse. The Fit N Seal active stoppers and straws come in two sizes. To clarify, they practically fit any plastic bottle. It’s one of the flagship products, and above all it’s helping the environment.

Baby Bottle Nipples

Reusable Plastic BottlesAnother product offered is the Fit N Seal baby which too comes in two sizes and practically fits any plastic bottle. It comes handy in converting any off the shelf beverage into convenient reusable bottle for infants and babies equipped with bottle nipple. Fit N Seal clean are stoppers that are unique and come with two sizes and virtually fits any plastic bottles. They are meant to convert any off the shelf beverage bottle into a convenient sprayer. Their utility is of great importance. They are suitable for cleaning mixtures and bug sprays. Furthermore, they can be used for other innovative DIY projects such as air freshners, weed repellants and facial toners. Their uses are vast and manifold.

Sippy Cup with Straw

Fit N Seal Hydrate is another unique product in the offering that are basically stoppers and straws which come in two sizes and can practically fit any plastic bottles. These are universal straws that seal the mouth of any plastic beverage bottle with a drinking straw and make them reusable for long.

Sports Water Bottle

Fit N Seal Sport stoppers and liquid dispensers is another great product by Fit N Seal which can perfectly fit practically with any bottle and converts any off the shelf beverage bottle into easy to use sports bottle with an added advantage of reusability. It is spill-resistant and one can easily forget the problem of losing or dropping a cap. It is an ideal product for soda to sports drinks.

Toddler Water Bottle

Buy Bottle CapsLast but not the least comes Fit N Seal Toddler which in unique in its very own way. It comes in two sizes and is universally usable for any plastic bottle. Furthermore,  it converts any off the shelf beverage into a convenient bottle for toddlers with a sippy top. It adds to the comfort and convenience and makes the bottle reusable too for long. And since it is spill-resistant, it saves the parents the trouble of cleaning up.

Fit N Seal products are environment friendly and go a long way in curbing the menace recycling of plastic bottles has on the environment. They are also BPA free and are instrumental in reducing the damage caused by plastic bottle waste. Fit N Seal is committed to making the planet greener by making contribution through providing eco-friendly products which minimizes the plastic bottle waste.

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