Being a “Green Athlete”

Who appreciates the value and benefits of saving the Earth more than a outdoors person or athlete? However, the million dollar question is whether all athletes are as focused on being a “green athlete” as they are to winning or staying in shape.

First of all, do not feel too much remorse or guilt as there are various easy ways in which even athletes can contribute to keeping the environment green and pollution free without compromising with the pursuit of athletics.

Have you ever thought whether your sport is being detrimental to the environment or not? When you look after your health, it does not necessarily mean it is good for the planet. For instance, you have purchased a water bottle very frequently after you train to stay hydrated. However, did you know that manufacturing such water requires around seventeen million barrels of oil every year? So, it makes sense to stay fit and active while promoting a green world.

Check out some easy tips to become a “green athlete:”


  • Conserve water


You need to remember that tap water can be drank. Bottled water is not good for several reasons. About 80 percent of water bottles/drinking containers do not get recycled. Also, due to the process of plastic production, thrice the amount of water in a container is needed to produce only one. Hence, instead of being a water waster, procure a reusable water bottle.  In lieu of a sports drink, add a shot of athletic liquid enhancer that is packed with B vitamins for a energy boost.


  • Purchase apparel that is made of renewable and natural fibers/resource


Have you ever wondered how your sports gear was manufactured? While your gear should be chosen based on its performance capabilities, you will find plenty of green products in the market these days, which can offer similar functionality without having a detrimental effect on the environment. Make your purchase decision consciously.  It is also recommended to wear your existing clothes for the longest possible time period.


  • Use reusable drinking containers rather than disposable plastic water bottles


As mentioned before, bottled water has a multiplier effect in relation to negative footprint from the manufacturing, transporting and use of non-renewable drinking containers.  At the same time, life can be busy so at times you may need to grab an “off the shelf” drink, including water or a sports drink. Fit N’ Seal was created as a “practical green solution” in that you can reuse those disposable bottles the same as you would with a reusable drinking container.  Either way, try your best to steer away from continuously buying bottled products.


  • Take public transit or carpool to commute to and from the event venues


Athletes are used to pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to challenge themselves physically.  Taking public transit or carpooling with teammates or friends is a small inconvenience that can add up to a real impact on your carbon footprint.  If your commute is 20-miles round trip, the switch to public transportation could lower your carbon footprint by 4,800 pounds annually. It will also save you $9,738 per year!  So even if you are infrequently using public transportation or carpooling, you are saving money and helping the environment.

Being a “green athlete” doesn’t have to be painful.  Making small tweaks in your routine and thinking ahead can add up quickly.  What’s remarkable about these tips is they all save you money also. So this isn’t just a win for the environment but a big win for your wallet!  So keep pushing yourself physically while making a positive impact for our precious environment.

These tips and advice come from Fit N’ Seal , a product line that is focused on bringing a practical green solution to market with the goal of reducing plastic consumption.