How to Be a “Green Mom”

It is so stressful and time-consuming being a mother, that many moms hardly have spare time in taking proactive efforts in becoming environmentally-friendly. However, going green can make your life much simpler even though you could be a busy mom.  After all, our planet needs our support more than ever before. Lifestyle today has become damaging and over-consuming while causing plenty of damages to the earth including incorrect use of plastic and killing of marine life. So, minimize your footprint and become a “green mom” by being kind to your environment by practicing some of these easy and handy tips.

  1. Start using e-bills instead of paper bills

You simply do not realize the positive effect of this simple switch on the environment. Also, it can bring down the amount of clutter in homes.

  1. Replace plastic bottles and cups with glass

Are you using a plastic kids water bottle or a sippy cup for your little ones like many other young moms? It is very commonplace to use them at homes as it is easier to use plastic containers since kids have a tendency to break and drop everything they get hold of. However, today the markets are full of a wide range of sippy cups made of stainless steel for your toddlers.

Another option is using a product such as Fit N’Seal that converts any plastic bottle into a reusable bottle or sippy cup.

  1. Opt for organic and locally grown food items whenever possible

Begin purchasing local products and support your farmers. Plus, purchasing local produces also means that you are not eating or endorsing packaged food items. Growing food items at home and having a garden of your own is extremely grounding. You can make a great positive impact on the health of your family and on the planet.

  1. Start making your personal care products

When you start making your own personal care and beauty products, it is cheaper, as well as, easier. After all, there is a negative effect on your bodies when you use chemical deodorants that have harmful toxins in them including hormone disruptors and absorption of carcinogens.

So, even if you are a new mom and your toddler is proving to be quite a handful these days, taking these simple steps will make you a smart “green mom.”

These tips and advice come from Fit N’ Seal, a product line that is focused on bringing a practical green solution to market with the goal of reducing plastic consumption.