Fit N Seal™ Clean

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Fit N Seal™ Stoppers

  • Each package comes with two sizes that will fit practically any plastic bottle!
  • Converts any off the shelf bottle into a convenient sprayer
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UPC: 860000017640
Universal Fluid Sprayer

  • Universal fit for any bottle
  • Ideal for DIY cleaning mixtures and bug sprays
  • Can also be used for other DIY projects such as air fresheners, weed repellents and facial toners
  • 2 per package

1 review for Fit N Seal™ Clean

  1. Joe Haldiman

    Love the sprayer, any plastic bottle go ahead and buy your cleaners in bulk and fill up the plastic bottle and put the sprayer in and you’re all set to go. Sprayer works very well and seal seals very nice

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